Hot Wheels Volkswagen Baja Bug: 2022 #160 Mud Studs (Mint)

This mint green Beetle has white, grey, and black stripes, painted rooftop accessories, and VW racing decals.  Its clear windows shield a black interior, and black-rimmed muddy bead-locked off-road tires roll beneath a silver plastic base.

This was #5 of 5 in the “Mud Studs” series.  There were Unpainted and Blue variants.

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Hot Wheels Volkswagen Golf MK2: 2021 Cult Racers GDG44

This metallic green VW  has black and light green stripes with racing decals and “22” badging.  Its tinted windows shield a black interior, and laced wheels ride beneath a black plastic chassis. 

This Walmart exclusive release was #3 of 5 in the “Cult Racers” series.

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Hot Wheels VW Bug: 2022 #42 Compact Kings (Green)

This metallic green Beetle has wood grained side decoration, clear windows, and a brown interior. Its chrome plastic base rolls on retro slot wheels.

It is the second of five in the “Compact Kings” series.  There’s also a blue variant.


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[QUEUE] Amsterdam NY Walmart and Target finds

During a weekend trip to New York we did a bit of hunting and gathered these new arrivals.  Unfortunately I don’t remember which was where.

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Hot Wheels VW Bug: 2021 #96 Holiday Racers (White)

This metallic white Beetle has red and gold “Valentine” decoration, brown tinted windows, and a red interior. Its chrome plastic base rolls on red AeroDisc wheels with gold trim.

It is the fourth of five in the “Holiday Racers” series.  There are also white and unpainted variants.


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Hot Wheels Toyota Baja Truck: 2021 #4 Baja Blazers (Red)

This red Toyota wears sponsored racing decaling with black silver, and grey stripes and #55 badging.  It has a black interior and plastic base and rides on brown Beadlock Off-Road wheels.

This release was labeled as “Toyota Off-Road Truck”.  It’s #3 of 10 in the Baja Blazers series and also dropped with variants in orange and white.

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