Occasionally, I’ll throw a few items that I’m looking for into this page. By no means is it a complete list. Mint-on-card is nothing special to me, as I open just about everything. However, I do prefer loose cars to be fairly presentable condition.

Waiting Room:


[QUEUE] New Beetle Cups!

Won a bunch of New Beetle Cup listings from jayfinch to fill in some gaps.


[QUEUE] Hot Wheels Volkswagen Caddy: 2019 Mystery Models

This set of three Mystery Models Volkswagen Caddy packages arrived today via seller russterr22 in Pennsylvania!  I couldn’t help myself and already opened one of them.  Keep an eye out for proper photos in the future!  


[QUEUE] Amsterdam NY Walmart and Target finds

During a weekend trip to New York we did a bit of hunting and gathered these new arrivals.  Unfortunately I don’t remember which was where.


[Queue] Punch Buggy series cars

I’ve picked these up Jada Beetles and Buses from Walmart over the course of a few trips and they’re waiting to be freed for their photo shoot. Jada Punch Buggy Volkswagen Beetle: 2021 Wave 3 Black with Red  

The Processed:


[POSTED] FAO Schwarz VW Collection (via eBay seller rubytradingpost)

This sad looking box arrived. I’ll be dropping pics the next couple days.


[POSTED] Arrived from eBay: Kar Keepers VW Drag Truck & TH Baja Beetle (Seller: wozswoman)

I appreciate the protector on the Drag Truck, but it won’t stay safe forever!  🙂 UPDATE: The Baja is now posted here and the Drag Truck is posted here. Note: When searching for this truck I found a lot of confusion with Kar Keepers vs. Mystery Cars.  The Mystery Cars release has grey paint instead of […]


[POSTED] This BMW M1 just arrived from eBay seller phoenixtreasures22

2016 release with split 5SPs. Will get quality pics once I make more progress with the archive backlog, get my office cleaned up, and set up my lightbox again. UPDATE: Pics here!


[POSTED] Hot Wheels Custom Volkswagen Hauler: 2018 Track Stars CGJ45

After finding the 2020 release at Dollar General earlier today, I’ve dug up this 2018 Custom Volkswagen Hauler to add to the opening queue. UPDATE: This is now posted on the site.


[POSTED] Hot Wheels Custom Volkswagen Hauler: 2020 Track Stars GMB67

Picked this up at the local Dollar General while looking for the exclusive (locally elusive!) VW Beetle Truck. UPDATE: This is now up on the site.