“Now under Old Management!”

For a long time I maintained a page on my Volkswagen website to feature my collection of VW miniatures.  However, as my collection grew it branched out in directions that didn’t fit the theme of that site and I determined it was time to split it off on its own.

I first registered and stood up LCN in 2008 to create an independent home for the numerous diecast car photos I’d amassed.  I ended up letting it letting it expire in 2010 during a busy and financially restricted time in my life, having returned to college while raising of three children.  Naturally, a domain squatter immediately set up camp in its place.

10 years later while the world was in lockdown I discovered that whoever was parked on the domain had gotten bored and cut it free so I scooped it back up and started to rebuild.  You’re looking at the result, and it henceforth remains a forever work in progress.