Hot Wheels VW Bug: 1998 Artistic License (White)

This pearl white Beetle has blue, black, red, and green graffiti graphics.  Its blue tinted windows shield a black interior while 5-Dot wheels roll beneath its unpainted metal base.

This was #3 of 4 in the Artistic License series.  There was a limited unpainted version released exclusively for the 1998 convention.


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Matchbox Baja Buggy: 1971 #13 (Missing Engine)

This metallic green Buggy has an orange and yellow flower sticker on its hood.  It originally had an engine with colored exhaust pipes in the rear, and contains an orange interior.  It’s bare metal base rolls on Spiro wheels.

There were variants with Red or Black exhaust pipes.  Unfortunately this flea market find is missing both it’s engine and pipes.


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Matchbox Volkswagen Camper (1970): 1970 #23

This turquoise bus has an orange roof that opens and closes.  Its clear windows surround a tan interior, and Superfast wheels roll beneath its unpainted metal base.

It was released from 1970 until 1972.

This well-played flea market find has suffered abuse and at some point was carelessly repainted. The original color is several shades lighter.


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