Hot Wheels BMW M1: 1985 #7296

1985 release. Green spectraflame paint with yellow/black lightning tampos, a black metal base, and UH wheels. Labeled “Wind Splitter” on card and base. This is my original childhood favorite and shows signs of many happy memories yet is in surprisingly okay condition. Somewhere in a box I have a carded one I picked up later in life.

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Hot Wheels BMW M1: 1996 #473 Street Beast (Grey)

1996 release: Two-tone silver/gray metallic flake paint with red Hot Wheels logo on the windshield. Grey painted base, clear windows, black interior, and large/small 5SP wheels. This version was card #473 and appeared as either the “Wind Spitter” and “Street Beast.” There is an was an alternate release in Aqua paint.

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