Tomica Volkswagen Microbus: 1977 F29 (Red and White)

This casting of a VW Microbus is released by Tomica in Japan. It features an opening side door and an impressive level of detail. Because of its Japanese origins, the steering wheel is on the right.

This 1977 release is red with a white roof and door. I found this example buried in the bottom of a rummage sale box. The top sill of the door had broken, but I was able to repair it with super glue.

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Matchbox Super Chargers USA-1: 1986 SC-2

The 80’s were probably the glory days of monster trucks – they just don’t seem to have the same draw anymore. Naturally, anything that attracts a lot of attention is marketable, so Matchbox secured the rights and released the Super Chargers line of monster trucks, including this one styled after the USA-1, a Chevrolet trucks that famously joined Bigfoot for the first televised monster truck event.

The USA-1 features white paint with red stripes, orange star, and blue “USA-1” lettering on the side. The hood wears a blue starred banner with red stripes. Solid black windows and a black roll cage complete the look. It rolls on giant Goodyear tires.

This vehicle line was marketed as “Super Trucks” internationally.

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Majorette Jeep Cherokee Ambulance: 269 White and Blue

Released during the 1980s, this Jeep Cherokee has been fitted with a raised roof and extended back for all-terrain ambulance duty. It features rear doors that open to reveal a detailed interior including a stretcher-bound patient under a blanket.

I have a white version that I picked up as a child. It’s painted white and is accented with blue hood graphics and side strips surrounding the word “Ambulance”.

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Ertl A-Team Van: 1983 #1823

In 1983, the A-Team was a big hit on TV. The opportunity for merchandising was there, and Ertl secured the rights and produced all sorts of products that every kid wanted. Among them was this diecast replica of the show’s star vehicle, a tank disguised as a black custom van. At least, I always thought it was more tank – it certainly had a lot of tricks up its sleeves.

The black A-Team van sports a red side strips with “The A-Team” lettering. Fog lights line the front of the roof while a red spoiler adorns the rear. Brush guards protect the front bumper and tinted windows mask the interior.

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