Hot Wheels ’17 Ford GT: 2021 #164 Then and Now (Black)

This metallic black sports car has a detailed front, white and gold stripes, and circle “4” badging.  Its tinted windows protect a black interior, and white-on-black split 5-spoke wheels ride under a black plastic base.

This was #7 of 10 in the Then and Now series.  There are unpainted and white variants.

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Hot Wheels ’71 Porsche 911: 2020 Door Slammers GJP76 (5-spoke)

This highly detailed ’71 Porsche 911 is white with a blue base and red decorations.  It features an Urban Outlaw decal on the roof and the number 277 on the doors and hood.  The interior is black, and it rests on grey 5SP real riders.

This release was part of the Car Culture “Door Slammers” series.  There’s an 8-spoke wheel variant.


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