Hot Wheels Porsche 959 (1986): 2020 Wild Terrain GJP87

This highly detailed Porsche 959 is white and blue with a black metal base and red and yellow stripes.  It features racing decal and the number 277 on the roof and doors.  Behind tinted windows is the black interior and it rests on white 8SP real riders.

This release was part of the Car Culture “Wild Terrain” series.

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Hot Wheels TMNT Party Wagon: 2020 #147 HW Screen Time

The mainline release of this cartoon throwback is a plastic yellow van with silver windows and a detailed front end and metallic green roof.  Its metallic green metal base rides on grey AeroDisc wheels.

This was #3 in the 2020 “HW Screen Time” series.  A wheel variation was released the following year.

There is also a premium version of this casting in the “Replica Entertainment” series with a metal body and several action features.

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