Matchbox Volkswagen Concept 1: 2001 D.A.R.E. 5-Pack

This Concept 1 is yellow and black with a black hood and black, white, and silver “D.A.R.E” graphics.  Beneath its blue light bar are smoked windows shading a black interior.  Its black metal base rolls on split 5SP wheels.

This was released as part of the D.A.R.E. 5-Pack.


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Matchbox VW Transporter: 2004 Hero City Getting Around

This metallic purple bus is adorned with “Hero City Shuttle” graphics in black, white, grey, and yellow.  Its yellow interior sits behind clear windows and the silver plastic base rolls on 5-spoke teardrop wheels.

This was #5 of 5 in the “Hero City Getting Around” series.

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