Johnny Lightning Volkswagen Bus: 2001 Monopoly Series 2 KB Exclusive

This bus is white and chrome red with Monopoly “Free Parking” decorations and front/rear detailing.  It has clear windows and a metal base riding plastic wheels.  It is accompanied by a chrome red Monopoly token of its likeness.

This chrome version was exclusive to KB Toys’ stores.

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Racing Champions 1978 Pontiac Trans Am: 2001 Smokey and the Bandit

*2020 update: My 2008 notes follow.  However, in researching this further I’m wondering if I’d actually opened the Smokey & The Bandit release to acquire this.  I’ll have to dig it out and check for a serial number, which would only be present if it was the release cited below.  Meanwhile I’m going to assume I was incorrect and this is the Smokey release.  Regardless, it’s beautiful.

This great looking Pontiac Trans Am was released by Racing Champions as part of the “Motor Trend Mint Edition” series. Supposedly it’s 1 of 19,998 released, but that number seems too high to consider it “rare.”

As you can see, the detailing on this release is fantastic for a 1/64th scale release.

An artistic urge caught me, so I took this fun straight-on shot. I especially like how the light glared off the silver head and fog light paint.

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