Matchbox ’74 Volkswagen Type 181: 2009 #93 Outdoor Sportsman (Blue)

This release is light blue with front and rear detailing.  It has a white interior, a smoked windscreen, and a black plastic base on Ringed Disc wheels.

This is car 5 of 12 in the Outdoor Sportsman series.  There is an orange variant of this release.

For the first year of release this casting was labelled ’75 Volkswagen Thing, but from 2009 onward appears as ’74 Volkswagen Type 181.


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Hot Wheels Meyers Manx: 2009 Connect Cars #50

This release was included with a Lego-like interconnecting case. The series consists of 50 cars, with each fashioned in some manor after a USA state. This was car 50 of the Connect Cars series and was aptly assigned the state of Hawaii.

The car is metallic blue with a blue-tint windshield and black interior. It rolls on small/large 5SP wheels and has brown/white/blue “HAWAII” surf graphics on the hood and sides.

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