Matchbox Super Chargers USA-1: 1986 SC-2

Matchbox Super Chargers USA-1: 1986 SC-2 Front Right

The 80’s were probably the glory days of monster trucks – they just don’t seem to have the same draw anymore. Naturally, anything that attracts a lot of attention is marketable, so Matchbox secured the rights and released the Super Chargers line of monster trucks, including this one styled after the USA-1, a Chevrolet trucks that famously joined Bigfoot for the first televised monster truck event.

The USA-1 features white paint with red stripes, orange star, and blue “USA-1” lettering on the side. The hood wears a blue starred banner with red stripes. Solid black windows and a black roll cage complete the look. It rolls on giant Goodyear tires.

This vehicle line was marketed as “Super Trucks” internationally.

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