Hot Wheels Audi e-tron GT: 2022 #176 HW Green Speed (Red)

This red Audi has fine front and rear detailing.  Its clear windows shield a black interior and grey-on-black split 5-spoke wheels ride beneath a black plastic chassis.

This was #5 of 5 in the “HW Green Speed” series.  There was a Grey variant of this release.

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Hot Wheels ’71 Porsche 911: 2022 Racing Circuit HDG72

This yellow 911 has detailed lighting, black side stripes and racing decals, and blank white number circles.  Its smoked windows shield a black interior, and 5 spoke wheels roll under a yellow plastic base.

This was #4 of 5 in the Racing Circuit themed release.

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Matchbox ’16 Toyota Tacoma: 2022 MBX Off-Road

This white pickup truck has yellow, orange, and red stripes and “Tacoma” and “BFGoodrich” badging.  Its solid black windows obscure the interior and chrome 6-spoke utility wheels roll beneath its grey plastic base.  A removable grey cap and tent are in the bed of the truck.

This was part of the MBX Off-Road series.

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Hot Wheels Volkswagen Baja Bug: 2022 #160 Mud Studs (Mint)

This mint green Beetle has white, grey, and black stripes, painted rooftop accessories, and VW racing decals.  Its clear windows shield a black interior, and black-rimmed muddy bead-locked off-road tires roll beneath a silver plastic base.

This was #5 of 5 in the “Mud Studs” series.  There were Unpainted and Blue variants.

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Hot Wheels VW Bug: 2022 #42 Compact Kings (Green)

This metallic green Beetle has wood grained side decoration, clear windows, and a brown interior. Its chrome plastic base rolls on retro slot wheels.

It is the second of five in the “Compact Kings” series.  There’s also a blue variant.


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Hot Wheels K.I.T.T. Super Pursuit Mode: 2022 Replica Entertainment: Knight Rider

This 80s icon features KITT in “Super Pursuit” mode.  Fine detailing adorns the exterior while a clear windshield reveals a tan interior and chrome-rimmed dish wheels roll under its black metal base.

This was released as part of Replica Entertainment Mix 6.

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