Hot Wheels Back to the Future Time Machine: 2022 #167 HW Screen Time

This finely detailed rendition of everyone’s favorite time machine in its plutonium powered form has blue tinted windows surrounding its light grey interior.  AeroDisc wheels roll beneath the black plastic base.

This was #8 of 10 in the HW Screen Time series.  

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Hot Wheels ’94 Audi Avant RS2: 2022 #228 HW Wagons

This black wagon has fine detailing to the front and rear.  Its smoke tinted windows guard a black interior, and AeroDisc wheels ride under a black plastic chassis.

This was #5 of 5 in the HW Wagons series.  There is a Super Treasure Hunt variant.

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Hot Wheels Audi e-tron GT: 2022 #176 HW Green Speed (Red)

This red Audi has fine front and rear detailing.  Its clear windows shield a black interior and grey-on-black split 5-spoke wheels ride beneath a black plastic chassis.

This was #5 of 5 in the “HW Green Speed” series.  There was a Grey variant of this release.

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Hot Wheels ’71 Porsche 911: 2022 Racing Circuit HDG72

This yellow 911 has detailed lighting, black side stripes and racing decals, and blank white number circles.  Its smoked windows shield a black interior, and 5 spoke wheels roll under a yellow plastic base.

This was #4 of 5 in the Racing Circuit themed release.

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Matchbox ’16 Toyota Tacoma: 2022 MBX Off-Road

This white pickup truck has yellow, orange, and red stripes and “Tacoma” and “BFGoodrich” badging.  Its solid black windows obscure the interior and chrome 6-spoke utility wheels roll beneath its grey plastic base.  A removable grey cap and tent are in the bed of the truck.

This was part of the MBX Off-Road series.

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Hot Wheels Volkswagen Baja Bug: 2022 #160 Mud Studs (Mint)

This mint green Beetle has white, grey, and black stripes, painted rooftop accessories, and VW racing decals.  Its clear windows shield a black interior, and black-rimmed muddy bead-locked off-road tires roll beneath a silver plastic base.

This was #5 of 5 in the “Mud Studs” series.  There were Unpainted and Blue variants.

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