Hot Wheels Baja Bug: 2010 #055 Treasure Hunt

This Baja is yellow and black with blue/silver decoration and front detailing.  The Treasure hunt logo adorns its sides and a yellow interior resides within.  Its bare metal base rides on OR5SP wheels. 

It is car 11 of 12 in the Treasure Hunt series and this release is labelled “Volkswagen Baja Beetle” on the card.

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[POSTED] Arrived from eBay: Kar Keepers VW Drag Truck & TH Baja Beetle (Seller: wozswoman)

I appreciate the protector on the Drag Truck, but it won’t stay safe forever!  🙂

UPDATE: The Baja is now posted here and the Drag Truck is posted here.

Note: When searching for this truck I found a lot of confusion with Kar Keepers vs. Mystery Cars.  The Mystery Cars release has grey paint instead of metallic red.


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