Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport 2020 #17 RWB Porsche 930 Aero Lift GJT37

This purple Aero Lift transporter truck has grey interior and rear deck and yellow and chrome 6-spoke wheels.

It carries a matching purple Porsche 930 with grey interior and yellow and chrome 6-spoke wheels.

This was the 17th release in the Team Transport series.


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Hot Wheels Dodge Viper Coupe: 2007 Gotham City 5-Pack OH5

This flat black Viper features grey stripes, a Batman logo on the hood, and Viper logos on the front fenders. Its yellow windows reveal a black interior, and the chrome plastic base rides on OH5 wheels.

This was part of the Gotham City 5-pack.This OH5 version reportedly also appeared in the Hot Wheels Easter Eggs. There are black and chrome 5SP variants.

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